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Walter Stewart

About Us


Walter Stewart has more than thirty-five year’s of success as a teacher, administrator, facilitator, coach, and leader in the private sector, the not-for-profit sector, and in education. As a consultant, his clients have included the University of British Columbia, the Toronto Region Research Alliance, CANARIE, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, The Global Grid Forum, Alberta Innovation and Science, The Michener Institute, The Canadian Council on Learning, and several private sector companies. On behalf of his clients, Walter has facilitated projects that have involved IBM Canada, CISCO, Celestica, Siemens, TELUS, the universities of Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Waterloo, Western Ontario, and Guelph, and York, Ryerson, and McMaster universities. He is also a compelling and provocative speaker and writer, and is sought out for his expertise and participation across North America and Europe.


How many meetings have you been too that became bogged down, that plunged hopelessly down rat holes, that ended in exhaustion rather than results?
Such meetings are always costly and frustrating, never more so when strategic planning is blocked by dysfunctional meetings.

As more and more major initiatives require development of strategic plans across multiple organizations, well-facilitated meetings that move the agenda forward are critical.

Walter Stewart has twenty years’ experience facilitating effective, productive meetings. He has facilitated strategic planning meetings for universities, colleges, private sector companies, not-for-profit companies. His facilitation clients have included CANARIE, the Ontario Clean Water Agency, the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, the Embassy of Canada in Tel Aviv, the University of British Columbia, the Smart Region Initiative, Cornell University, and the West Vancouver School Board.

Walter’s capacity to listen, to ask groups strategic questions, to synthesize discussions, to test outcomes with the group, and to summarize findings ensures that a Walter Stewart facilitated meeting moves forward and ends with clear next steps.

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Fresh Perspectives


Walter Stewart works to bring fresh perspectives to organizations – the view of an informed outsider, a supportive critic, and a specialist in asking the real questions.


Why is a fresh perspective necessary?

  • Most organizations are actively engaged in planning for what they have been, not what they must become. Few recognize the imperative of planning for what they must become in order to preserve and strengthen core values and mission in a rapidly changing world.
  • Real, ongoing, reflective analysis and challenging of our understanding the emerging context is critical to an organization being able to reach beyond daily routine and the “of course we do” mentality that stymies so many required changes.


The Real Questions that Ground
This Very Effective Approach

Walter Stewart’s unique strength is his ability to help organizations to ask the deep probing questions that unable seeing through the fog of the accustomed.

His core message - “Trust questions; doubt answers” - is central to preparing organizations to live with those questions as on ongoing frame for their organizational life/work. He works with his clients to make those questions the on-going foundation for organizational planning, a proven  strategy for the many change efforts he has facilitated.


The Questions

Walter’s message is to stay focused on “what” and “why”. Clarity on those two issues is both critical and rare. Most organizations in a technologically savvy world rush to “how” with little reflection on what they are trying to accomplish and even less on why they are doing so. The results are often disappointing, and with high costs in morale, time, and money.


What’s Next


While real questions are critical for organizational planning and development, they must become integrated to all aspects of an organization’s life.

Walter uses the real questions:
  • To assist organizations in securing contracts.

  • In developing multi-organizational consortia for projects.

  • In developing consensus among multiple and diverse organizations as they respond to government requests for information and feedback.


His Team of Associates


Walter Stewart works with a network of skilled professionals from across Canada and beyond with a variety of skills and experience who join him as associates when client need demands additional skills.

Walter Stewart has associated himself with fellow professionals skilled in:

  • Organizational Development

  • Human Resource Planning

  • Information Technology

  • Program Development

  • Curriculum Design

  • Program Evaluation

  • Public Sector Procurement

  • Business Development


These associations ensure a capacity to provide full-service consulting to meet a wide-range of client needs.

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